Believe it or not, your running form starts with your breathing.

Make sure you are breathing in and out through both your mouth and nose. 

Stand tall leaning slightly forward and your hands only loosely cupped. It is natural to want to clench your fists, but instead, pretend you are holding a tasty snack you're saving for later and don't want to crush! 

Arm movements are key to your best running form. They should move forward towards the center of your body with your elbows bent at roughly a 90 degree angle. Side to side swinging of the arms is a great technique for a western hoedown, just not for running. The faster you move your arms, the faster your legs will want to go.

PRO TIP: When running up a hill, move your arms faster than normal to help get you to the top faster. 

When landing on your foot, aim to land on your heel, to mid-foot, to forefoot where you can gain power for your next step.