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We are a community-first activewear brand made specially for runners, by runners. Here to help make running easy and fun, we aim to eliminate the intimidation factor of running for every girl out there with activewear that makes you feel good, looks good and is actually functional! Gone are the days that your leggings fall down mid run or your sports bra shows unwanted cleavage. 
Founded on the principle of breaking down the barriers of running – we’re here to help you build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle that involves running and maybe make a few friends along the way. We hope to make running approachable and actually fun for you (aka girls/women of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds).

And hey, if you’re looking to get that runner’s high and crush your next race…we’re here for you too! 😘


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In 2019, Michelle created Hey Girl Run to provide a fun and approachable space for girls/women who love to run and want to stay healthy & happy without having to always be training for that next race. No judgements. No pressure. Just running. She believes that everyone should feel confident when running, no matter the speed or distance. 
After years of trying almost all of the activewear on the market, Michelle realized  there was a huge void in functional activewear for runners that was actually cute and affordable. In 2021 Hey Girl Run activewear came to life with a focus on double layered leggings / shorts that are never sheer when stretching and that actually stay up while running. 

Michelle hopes to eliminate the mindset that running has to be super competitive while creating a space where running is more approachable and fun. To build an energetic and supportive community of girls through running. To show girls everywhere that they, too, are runners. 

*All run guides have been created by Michelle for all running levels. Michelle is a RRCA certified running coach with over 10 years of experience.